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Ration Card Information

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  How to get a new APL Card:-  

1. A ration card is issued to any Indian who is Permanent resident /old inhabitant of Andaman & Nicobar Islands (Settler).


2. Application for issue of new computerized food cards, duplicate Food cards, addition, deletion, change of head of family, change of address, change in   name, change of PDS outlets, change of minor to major and surrender or bifurcation of food card etc. are received in the concerned Circle offices. The applications for issue of new computerized card will be accepted only from the Head of Family or any one member of the family included in the application form for food card or any representative specifically authorized by the Head of Family.

  3. Documents  required for issuance of a ration card.  
      a) Completed application form.  
      b) One passport size photograph of Head of the Family (HOF) on the application form.  
      c) Old cancelled/surrendered ration card or surrender certificate.  

   d) Local Certificate, Islander Card, Tribal certificate, Affidavit to the effect that their names are not      included in any ration card any where in India


   e) The  affidavit should  be submitted in original duly attested by the area Notary Public or Revenue Authority not below  the rank of Tehsildar (Executive Magistrate)


     f) Separate Cards:-Parentís Original Card, Kitchen Separation Certificate from Councilllor / Pardhan., NOC from the head of the family of the Family Identity Card.


4. An amount of Rs. 1/- (non-refundable) would be chargeable as the cost    of processing fee of New APL card/Duplicate card or modification in the APL cards.

  5. Issue of Duplicate Ration Card :

a)     Old APL, wornout /torn APL Card. In case ration card is lost, a copy of the FIR.

b)     An affidavit as per Annexure I


Surrender/deletion certificate or Attested Xerox copy of Birth certificate in case    of minors, in absence of deletion/surrender birth certificate, an affidavit  (Format of affidavit) as Annexure -II


A Plain application with reason for deletion/death certificate in case of death of a family member.


8. Modification:

i) Change of name: Copy of the advertisement in the newspaper regarding change of name and affidavit.      ii) Change of Head of Family:Death certificate (in case of death of head  of family) and in other cases request from the existing head of family for change of H.O.F  of  foodCard.

iii) Change in address: Change in address within circle shall be subject to physical   verification as well as residence proof.

iv) Change in FPS: An application on plain paper with reasons for change in FPS.



South Andaman District

North & Middle Andaman and Nicobar District

Issue of New Card

15 Days

30 Days

Transfer of Card

07 Days

15 Days

Addition /Deletion in card

03 Days

07 Days

Issue of Duplicate Card

07 Days

14 Days


Criteria for Distribution of Food grains 

     The entire population of Union Territory of Andaman& Nicobar Islands has been divided into the following

categories for the purpose of proper supply and distribution of PDS.

Above Poverty Line (APL)

*.       Families having total annual income above Rs.10, 000/- per annum are given APL Cards (white colour). Food grains to be provided to these families are given above 

Below Poverty Line: (BPL)

*.       Families having total family income below Rs.10, 000 /-P.A have been identified under this category. Food grains to be provided to that families are give above in the table.

*        Identification is being done by DRDA for Rural Area and Municipal Council for Urban Area.

Antyodya Anna Yojana.(AAY)

  • Householders headed by widows or terminally ill persons or disabled persons or persons aged 60 years or more with no assured means of subsistence or societal support.

  • Widows or terminally ill persons of disabled persons or persons aged 60 years or more or single women or single men with no assured means of subsistence or societal support.]

  • All primitive tribal households. (The tribal beneficiaries under the expanded AAY should be in proportion to the tribal population in the State/UT).

  • Landless agriculture labourers, marginal farmers, rural artisans/craftsmen such as potters, tanners, weavers, blacksmiths, carpenters, slum dwellers and persons earning their livelihood on daily basis in the informal sector like poters, coolies, rickshaw pullers, hand cart pullers, Fruit and flower sellers, snake charmers, rag pickers, cobblers, destitutes and other similar categories in both rural and urban areas.

  • Identification is being done by DRDA for Rural Area and Municipal Council for Urban Area.


Annapurna Yojana.(AY)

        Under this scheme destitute persons of more than 65 years of age having no regular source of income and not availing benefit of national old age pension scheme are distributed 10 Kg. Of food grains free of cost every month.

Duties of the cardholder

1.     Ration Card should be kept in safe custody and in no case this should be given to any other person/PDS holder.

2.     While drawing ration, the cardholder must check the quality/quantity and weighing of the commodity and he must ensure the receipt of cash memo along with proper entries of the same made in the ration card.

3.     In case of loss/damage of the ration card /change/addition/deletion in the entries of the ration card, the cards holder shall immediately contact the concerned circle office. No over writing /alteration in their card should be done by the cardholders.

4.     In the event of death and migration of any family member out of Union Territory for more than 3 months the name of the person should be deleted from the ration card.

5.     Any BPL/AAY cardholder, whose annual family income exceeds Rs.10, 000 has to surrender the ration card and get APL Card prepared a fresh. 


Ration Card Information

Click here to view Family Identity Card Details